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It has been a while, but after 11 veeeeeeery silent weeks from Jagex the updates seems to have exploded. Yet, they have not. We are still lacking updates, yet I see people run back and forth like never before. Stacking up herbs for 120 Herblore, people making herb runs for once, mass-murdering of ABSOLUTE UNITS for their eggs and the Player Owned Farm getting popular again after its nerf. Runescape is filled with life again.

Osborne commented on a stream that he didn't want this long lack of updates to happen again. However, wasn't the reveals at RuneFest a huge boom that baffled us all (especially you Shane)? Or more importantly, should Jagex have revealed some of the updates during these silent weeks to build expectation and divert the frustration over the lack of updates? I remember a community that was patient with the Mining & Smithing rework. Both because they openly showed 46 pages of fixes they had to get done before release, but also because it was presented in a way that made players patient, knowing the wait was well worth the reward.

Moving away from the big boom in activity, there was also some activity in RSBANDB's youtube-channel. And from an unexpected source: Reddit. Can we expect some kind of activity or presence of the podcast in this area in the future, even if it's a small one? As a wise saradominist said: The light is the strongest in the darkest of places.

Lastly, there's a rumor going on that RSBANDB is an abbreviation of "Runescape Bed And Breakfast". Wouldn't it be humorous to see Shane and his crew operate a small hotel in the Canadian wilderness? Tanis at the service desk, Cireon is the handsome butler, Earth is the cleaning lady and Dave would be the cook. Maybe you could hire me as the local wildlife guide? Imagine the possibilities. Anyways, where does the podcast's name come from? And more importantly, why is the name better than "Runescape Bed & Breakfast"?

Looking forward to hear your answers. Don't forget to enjoy the nature while the leaves are changing color. It's truly wonderful. Tyco, the elf of the Nordic Lands.

If you want to send in a question, email, call or text 571-57-BANDB (571-572-2632), or leave us a DM on Twitter (@rsbandb)

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