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Question from Whiteey

Do you think runescape needs a new skill? Personally I think the new 120s are enough.

Question from Jadchor

Do you think the loss of @JagexShauny is going to have any impacts on the future of RS community, updates, and changes? I think he has been the face of many updates, betas, Q&A’s and really engaged the community for feedback, such as during livestreams. He’ll surely be missed!

Question from Diana

1. Out of all the Runefest reveals, what are you most looking forward to?

2. One thing I took away from some of the upcoming releases was a focus on pulling the story forwards by going into the past. City of Senntisten quest and  Archeology are the most obvious examples of this, but Orthen and Anachronia also appear to be part of it. What do you think of this? Would you rather new content pushed forward in time, or are you happy to see the blank or nearly empty parts of RuneScape's history and mythology being used to forward the storyline?

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