£175,635 raised for charity, split 3 ways into £58,545 for Rise Above the Disorder, The Prince’s Trust, and CPSL Mind.

SpecialEffect: Raised over £5000 yesterday at a charity meet up. Over the course of the week in RuneScape, One Special Day, was running. 70,000 balloons and cape claimed, will be converted into cash for SpecialEffect.

£1,098,520 raised in total for charity since 2013


A gathering skill combined with a manufacturing skill.

Excavation sites: similar to the Mining rework in that there’s no competition and that it’s social. Mattocks to progress through (like pickaxes)

5 new areas

3 new genres of rewards (esp. high for high level players)

Artefacts: Treasures from ages past. Require materials from gathering to fix them up and provide the bulk of the XP in the skill.

Artefacts can be sold or given to museums.

Each of the dig sites will have a central story around it to be resolved.

Kharid-et: near the duel arena, once housed Zaros’ armies, unlocked at level 5.

Everlight: Icyene settlement in Morytania. Unlocks at level 20.

The Infernal Source: demonic connection to Zamorak. Level 20.

Stormguard Citadel


Ancient Summoning: Bind the will of powerful demons through the summoning skill.

Ancient Gizmo

XP Capacitor: Level up augmented items faster. Can be traded to other players.

Kinetic Dynamo: Create divine charges by running around or surging.

Boosted Tools:

Relics: Choose up to 3 relic effects.

Elite skill? No. 120? Yes.

Release date: January 2020

City of Senntisten Quest

Ranch Out of Time

5 new pens: 2 large, 2 medium, and 1 breeding pen.


14 entirely new species.

Frogs, salamanders, Jadinkos, apoterrasaurs, malletops, rex.

Dino Babies





Master Farming Perk: Patches always super composted. Increase health and happiness of all animals by 20%.


Weapon poison+++

Prayer & Summoning potion combination

Charming potion: gather summoning charms at double the normal rate

Potion of Harvest & Primal Feast: Regular allotments will mutate into mega crops.

Primal feast: best in slot food

Blessed Flask: Masterwork, charge it with hundreds of externe potions.

Adrenaline crystals: drops to pvm and slayer tables which can be converted to adrenaline crystals.

Elder Overload: 17% + 5.

Powerburst potions i.e. supercharge surge.

Craftable bombs: poison bombs, sticky bombs, area effects

Master Herblore Perk: You can create overloads in batches of 5 with 20% fewer ingredients.

Why Herblore and Farming: Herblore is packed tight at 99 and Farming is one of the most popular skills at 99.

Updating to 120:

Valuable content at each level.

Worthwhile goals and milestones.

The journey should not feel like a complete grind.

Ranch Out of Time, Farming 120, Herblore 120: November

Archaeology: January 2020

Desperate Measures

New Pets and Competition

Managing Miscellanea remastered

City of Senntisten

Elder God Wars Dungeon: Summer 2020

Azzanadra Quest

Orthen Digsite

Sub teams: Making quests regular and remasters.

Early access RS Mobile beta for Android later this year. iOS later next year.

Mod Pips on the Core Experience team

Focused on improving the look and feel of the gameplay.

Main project: RS Mobile

Client optimizations

Research & Development: New material rendering system, tree canopy cut out, character silhouettes, interaction highlights, movement smoothing.

EXPERIMENTAL PROTOTYPES (no release dates or if they will have release dates):  movement prediction, faster tick rate.

Floor Experience

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