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Question from Whiteey

Outside of runescape do you have any other hobbies? Yes, RuneScape is a hobby. I keep tropical fish, here is a photo of my tank (feel free to share the photo on the video version)

Question from Linchpinn

With all the talk of treasure hunter being overpowered recently, do you think RuneScape should drop the subscription model and make all their money from mtx? I feel like population would go up and they'd make money.  I don't spend any money on mtx, but I don't mind that it's in the game.,367,833,66121257

Question from Sunset Fish

If you could choose one creature to start a questline off of, who'd you pick?

Naturally I'd go with the Unicorns and or the Centaurs. and I don't mean killing them with giant rocks

Remember the mention of a "hornless unicorn" There is stories which can be told

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