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This week we have the prestigious Clan Cup, which has brought the thirst of blood to all clans in Runescape. Or at least it should have been all clans. Surprisingly I noticed that there is a lack of activity around Big Game Hunter, despite 70% of all RS players being in a clan. This made me think what could be the cause, and noticed that if you do not follow any type of social media or read the RS website, this update is pretty much hidden. Earlier this year with the Mining & Smithing Rework we saw Jagex go far and wide with announcing the update, maybe too far as their customer support got a lot of noise complains about fanatics in the Grand Exchange. My first question is: What do you think about the announcement of Clan Cup and are there anything you would change in terms of grabbing the players' attention?

My second question is about Mod Lee, who sadly will be leaving us this friday. Throughout his career he has engaged many players in all minigames Runescape has to offer, hosted boss masses where noobs and elitists could attend, and come up with creative activities that made the gameplay more fun when attending. With him gone an empty hole will be left behind for those who attended and/or watched his stream. Do you think that Jagex should hire a new moderator as an event organizer, continuing the work Lee left behind him, or do you think that events in Runescape should be strictly be left to the community? I personally attended a few events and noticed that a wide range of personalities gathered around them, people I wouldn't have met in a clan with like-minded people or who don't play in my homeworld.

Looking forward to hear your answers and see you this weekend.

Tyco elf

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