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Audio Question from Pyrnassius

Question from Sunset Fish

What existing content you would like to see expanded upon?

For me I would love to see like a Auction House morphed with the Grand Exchange.

Bidding on items I would find addicting . Have more than 1 item? Bundle them together and have players bid on that.

Selling 1,000 Monkfish, starting bid is 80k

Question from Kyle

Shane & Tanis,

A couple questions for what should be a quiet week:

1. Out of the early runescape experience cities, do you have a favorite between Varrock, Lumbridge, and Falador?

2. What is your least favorite skill? (or two if it includes dungeoneering)

3. Do you have a preferred type of clue scroll? Could be none for Tanis :)

Thanks for the great shows and keep it up!


Question from Mod Poerkie

What are your thoughts on cluescroll caskets or boss loot streams, and how could we make it more interesting?

Question from Jadchor

1. Do you feel like the new Summer Skilling Bonanza event is a better event than previous Summer Beach Party events (2015-2018).

2. Why do you think Jagex decided to change it this summer 2019?

3. Do you think Jagex will bring back Summer Beach Party or stick with the new Summer Skilling Bonanza setup for summers to come?

My personal opinion:

- Summer Skilling Bonanza is better because it's more structured and organized. Jagex clearly lists what skill bonuses are offered each week of the event.

- This new event is not restricted to one location (Lumbridge). You can enjoy your skilling activities with the bonuses almost anywhere you want to skill.

- And lastly, no more useless cosmetic summer items thank god!

Question from Cireon

You are asked to design a brand new area for Gielinor. What is in it?

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