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Question from Sunset Fish

With DXPW coming up , What do you consider to be your first Runescape accomplishment ?

(excluding any 99's / 120's)

For me it was gaining access to the Champion's Guild. I know it's such a meaningless thing that can be accomplished in a day now. But back then for me it was a nice thrill to open them doors and to play with the chickens.

Question from Tyco

Dear rsbandb

Tyco elf here with a number of questions regarding player choice that I really want to not only hear your thoughts on, but also why you think that's the case. No short answers, this needs to be looked at through and through.

As I returned from the wilderness of the Nordic Lands, I found myself in a new wilderness: Anachronia. Exploring this island, I discovered that one of the base camp buildings, the slayer lodge to be exact, offers the ability to acquire the perks of the slayer helmet worldwide without wearing it. From my point of view, this has a negative impact on player choice on what to wear when on a slayer task. Previous to this update, you had to choose between tank, power or slayer helmet. And while I know that a common argument is "Slayer helmet always win, thus there was never a choice", remember that it takes 3,000 slayer points and various components from slayer before it becomes the obvious choice it is today for experienced slayers. Players might not realize it, but it’s one of the most long-term investments in the game in terms of equipment. But nevertheless shall the base camp remove the most iconic symbol for slayer from our heads. Not to speak of the niche of wearing protective armor against aberrant specters and dust devils. But what are your opinions on this? Is this truly a good step forward for slayers, or is this reducing the player’s option in the game?

Taking another step forward the Weapon Diversity Beta batch 2 has been announced. With this the last round of weapons that wasn’t in the first round will be included, completing the armory. However, let’s not forget that diversity does not only comes from weapons, but also from armor. Today we have 4 types of armor: Tank, Power, Hybrid and All. Tank armor reduces damage taken in combat and Power armor increases the damage of your attacks, two sets with clear purposes in combat. However both Hybrid- and All-armor are identical in its ability to provide equal protection against all styles and does not carry accuracy penalties for any style. This does not make any sense, having two sets that are identical yet named differently. And to make it worse, it’s disgraced by the pvm-community as there’s very few scenarios where you must switch combat styles in the middle of a battle and yet not having a set of the same style.  While I know that you Shane and Tanis aren’t the most bloodthirsty pvmers in Runescape, I want to ask you this. If you both were tasked with giving Hybrid-armor a new effect to create more diversity, what effect would you give? Remember that it must create a scenario where it’s better than all other sets in a specific purpose.

Thanks for your time and I’m looking forward to hear your long-detailed answer this weekend. Don’t forget to enjoy the sun while it’s out, because soon the winter will come and bury our beaches under a thick layer of snow. Greetings from Tyco elf.

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