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Question from Tyco Elf

Dear RSBandB

The Comp-cape rework has been released and been splitting the two groups that owns this prestigeous cape: The PvMers and The Completionists. With this update the capes from the Fight Kiln becomes the most powerful cape in terms of specific style. However, if we look at the best cape in all styles at the same time then we see (what a surprise) the max cape. This cape also has the powerful ability of having 3 perks from any skillcape at the same time. And lets not forget the bossing portal at the Max Guild, every pvmer's dream. This means that getting all your skills to 99 will now be the new norm for high-level bossing. Although the new norm is a huge difference compared to completing the game, do you think it is a reasonable demand to ask someone who's playing for fighting strong enemies?

Also, what perks do you have on your max cape and why?

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