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Question from Sunset Fish

If you were a regular citizen of Gielinor, not a Hero. Which city / area would you like to live in?

I've always loved the serenity vibe of Lletya. Or the calm oceans of Ashdale or just become a fisher in Catherby.

What about y'all?

Question from Cireon

Hi folks,

Welcome back to the podcast, Shane. I'm currently enjoying some well-earned rest, but wanted to quickly pitch in here to remind people of the time and effort the people on the producers team put in to keep this show running. With that out of the way, I wanted to ask: what is the one thing that get you behind the microphone every week to record the show? What is the proudest things you've ever achieved with the podcast? And finally, if you could choose anyone, absolutely anyone alive, who would you want to guest on the show?

Question from Logan H

Hey hey! My names Logan, pretty new patreon sub. I'm most curious as to what your favorite Skilling methods are rn, or if you have a favorite afk moneymaker. I almost exclusively play android mobile now, so I primarily afk when I play.

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