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Question from Zant

As a recently returning player, catching up with the newest content has been quite overwhelming, especially when it comes to smaller tweaks and fixes.  Which smaller updates (even patch notes) over the past year or so do you think have made the most positive impact on the game?

Question from Tyco

Dear RSbandb

As I'm currently between a course book of 800 pages and a hard place, I will ask you a unique question before heading back to the drawing board.

People say that it's a blessing to be stupid. Stupid people don't have to worry about world problems, political stuff or that the sun will burn Earth to a crisp in 500 million years. So if we were to imagine ourselves in an alternate dimension where we are more "stupid", how do you see yourselves? Would you maybe be living a happier life, or maybe you feel that being intellectual is a crusial thing for your existence? And to spin it around, how would you picture yourself today if you had Einstein's brain aquired at the age of 5? Maybe you would build a mechanical tree that converts oxygen more efficient that a real one, or maybe just depressed when realizing that mankind was doomed  from day 1.

Don't give me the short answer and remember to be yourselves, until you get paid to be smarter by your boss.

Tyco elf of the Nordic Lands

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