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Dear RSBandB

Maybe you have noticed, or maybe never paid much attention to it, but there has been a topic that has been taken up once in a while during the many hours of podcasts. I'm talking about the jokes of Star Wars, rising as the dark menace. While there have been claims that RSbandb have Star Trek close to its heart, the empire hasn't really struck back. So this week I'm going to help you Shane to bring balance to the force by answering these questions two:

(1) In Star Trek there's a character called Q which seem quite popular with the audience. Could you tell us who he is and what role he provides for the viewers?

(2) I have for some time considered to buy a few seasons of The Next Generation on DVD. But do you need to be a science-nerd to understand Star Trek, or have a master degree in engineering to understand every word Data says?

May the force be with you and fair in balance.

Tyco elf of the Nordic Lands

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