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Question from Tyco

Dear RSbandb

On this day of recording, new changes has been made to the Comp design document to make it both clearer and straight-forward for players what Jagex is aiming for. We have previously with updates presented by Jagex being influensed by players. While I love how the developers take the feedback and opinions of players (I have myself given my fair share of constructive feedback and even had dialogue written for the Lorehound pet) I sometimes find that Jagex is afraid from hurting the players. My question today is: If you were to use one sentence as a thumb-rule to when to decide for yourself and when to listen to the public, what would that be? And as a bonus question, we often hear the path to success but not often on how to come back from a failure. If you imagine yourselves making a huge mistake that hurts a number of people close to you (co-workers and/or relatives) how would you recover from that?

Keep on the long podcasts and go for that 2-hour episodes. Tyco elf of the Nordic Land

Question from Cireon

With the mining & smithing rework, the locations of the ores were added to the world map when you hover over a mining site icon. Recently the fairy ring codes were also added when hovering over the brand new fairy ring icons in the world map. What information do you think Jagex should add next to the world map?

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