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Dear RSbandb

This week we saw the release of Curse of the Black Stone: a surprise quest which took us through all elite dungeons and add a ton of lore which previously only had been available from lore streams and theories by us lore fanatics. For me lore is a very important aspect of the game that makes the experience more emotional nd realistic, but what are your opinions on Lore in Runescape?

The quest also introduced several points to the game which should not be brushed aside. Being the first official quest that introduces the Arc, (and takes you on a grand tour), taking the advantage of the Story Mode in a way that doesn't block adventurers from completing it, the story (and maybe the beginning?) of a post-Endgame storyline, several lore theories coming to light (such as Hannibus being Vindicta's father) and plot twists like Shih being a double agent all this time. My question here is: What was your favorite part of the quest and why?

To sum it up: The twists of when this went from an introduction quest of the Elite Dungeons to a post-Endgame dragonkin quest to a  save-the-world quest almost made me explode. Mod Raven who was online at the time of release and guested the Lore FC laughed as we flipped out over the content. Humor and deep lore, two ingredients with an evil laugh behind it. But if a new quest is about to be made, what is the one thing it must have for you? It can for example be a good story, a boss with mechanics never seen before or rewards you would never have dreamed of.

I hope You have a good time and waiting to hear your answers on this. I would personally loved to be on this podcast (and to be honest, I nagged like an old grandma to be here) but not all wishes can come true. I wish you all sunshine and may the RNG be with you all.

Tyco elf of the Nordic Lands.

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