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Question from Sunset Fish

If Gielinor were to introduce a deities face or symbol onto the gold coins. Who would it be?

Say each region's coins were represented differently but with all currency is still universal of course.

Question from Tyco Elf

Dear RSbandb

The snow here in the Nordic Lands is slowly retreating to the northern regions and with that comes Spring and opportunities. And as we have a special guests here today, I have three questions that I'm interested in hearing your individual thoughts on. It's funny how we as human beings think so differently and one of the reasons why a community can be such an interesting place. So let us turn our attention to the questions:

(1) If you had 30 seconds of full attention from all employees of Jagex, what would you say?

(2) 5 years in the future, name one thing that has changed with yourselves and one thing that hasn't.

(3) Tell us about one of your lessons throughout life.

Thank you for your answers and I hope you enjoy the great work you all bring for us. And to Mod Poerkie: You were awesome at RuneFest! I would have squeezed Shane like a teddybear if he wasn't hiding behind another clan-member when you made your appearance on the stage.

Question from Ty Ler

Hi folks,

First two questions for Mod Poerkie:

1) How did you come to work for Jagex in your current position?

2) What's one cool thing about working at Jagex that the RS3 community probably doesn't know about?

For everyone:

1) What pie-in-the-sky update would you most like to see in RS3 at some point far in its future (e.g., the bank rework, removal of the tick system)? No worries if it's very fanciful ;)


Ty ler

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