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Question from Jamandy52

Favorite winter weekend coming up? Any goals in mind with these weekends?

Also just curious what- if anything you hope to get from the advent and what did you like so far? 200 hearts of ice was... a letdown, ha ha ha.

Question from Choto

Hoods everyone! Choto here. I haven't experimented with any of the new releases so this is the perfect time and place to ask!

1)  Do you think the addition of new alchemical will change the value of fortunate components? Will the treasure trail rewards go up, down, or just stay stable?

2) I've heard rumours that the seren spirits try to escape when they appear. Is this true? ARE WE SO SCARY?!

3) I have this unconfortable feeling that the new items make the game even easier. Maybe the effects and perks of the new jewellery is a bit too overpowered. What do you think about that?

4)  Changing subjects now: Do you think Jagex needs to remove more dead content? And would that actually make a difference to our gameplay?

That's all, have fun noobs!

Unhoods, and RIP Mobilising Armies.

Question from Toragrai


Does every Swede like to eat Swedes?

Do you like to roleplay as a trapped princess whilst at your castle :european_castle:

Will you decorate your tent for Christmas

Will you buy me premier membership with your bank of cabbages?

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