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Question from Tyco Elf

Dear RSbandb

Christmas is here once again. The bells on the radio never stop and the night is slowly vanishing from all the decoration that is hung up far and wide. But as Christmas is celebrated differently around the world I want to ask you the following: How do you picture Christmas? What do you do during the holidays? And lastly, how would you set the Christmas mood in your house?

Personally I just grab an axe and get the best tree I can find and carry it home. Some might prefer the car, but some things in this world is worth using a little muscle for. And when I was younger I also used to set a bear trap below the chimney every year so I could have him around all year long. But he got away every time and now that I'm past 18 he just skips the house. Funny thing that it inspired me to a couple of journeys to the cold north, but I have yet to find his workshop in this dark land where snow and ice stretches as far the eye can see. Anyways, looking forward to your answers and if any of you want a Christmas card from Clan Quest then just say the word.

Tyco the festive elf of the Nordic Lands.

Question from Choto

Hoods, bits and byters! This is Choto, once again, and probably for the first time asking questions twice in a row. I don't really have runescape-related questions, but seeing as this is a milestone episode, I might as well dig into the history of this podcast. Here goes nothing:

-What do you think is the coolest thing about RSBANDB Update?

-Which Update episode has been your favourite to host?

-How long have you been around RSBANDBUpdate! ?

(Yes, I kinda cheated, those questions were stolen from when I interviewed Tanis)

Anyway, last one:

-Earth, how come you're still allowed to be here?

That's all. Much love to all, and huge congratulations on the 700th episode!


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