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Audio Question from Pyrnassius

Question from Choto

Hoods guys! Good to see the old noobs here, and glad to see such a lorehound as Diana in the podcast! It's kinda difficult to come up with questions when I know you might have already answered while you talked. So I'm gonna try to be a bit clever (a rare occasion, seize the moment!) and ask good questions for a change. So...the needle skips.

I honestly didn't have confidence about all. I thought it would be even worse than the Goebie quest. But to my surprise, for the first time since (probably) Sliske's Endgame, I went to the start point, plugged my earphones, and enjoyed. I took my time. I didn't rush to complete it because it was awesome. I couldn't enjoy the graphics, because I have a potato laptop, but everything else was just GREAT.

But enough chit-chat. Questions time!

1) This quest was different in lots of aspects. Is this the future of questing? No more fetch an egg, flour and milk, but voice acted, involving stories?

2) Do you think it's reasonable if Jagex started developing more content like this?

3) What is the thing you loved the most and the one you disliked the most about the quest as a whole?

4) I personally loved Megan's song. Which was your favourite?

5) Will we see more of Primrose and the Needle? Will the World Guardian need to go back and fix her/his past mistakes?

Huge congratulations to those that created this great quest. And thanks to Shane, Cireon and Diana for giving me 2 hours to enjoy.


Question from Tanis

Hey RSBANDB crew , its tanis sorry I couldn't cover that great quest, but alas it is Thanksgiving here in the U.S. today. Cireon don't get too comfortable, in the words of Arnald "I'll be back".  Every year on Thanksgiving my family does what most families do. We eat and try to avoid political discussion with that "facebook" uncle of yours. We also have a tradition of talking about what we are thankful for. I thought it would be cool if we did the same this year at RSBANDB and since we are a Runescape podcast let's give it a Runescape spin and talk about what we are thankful for in regards to Runescape. Thanks guys and have a wonderful holiday or whatever you all celebrate up there in the frozen north.

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