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Question from Tyco Elf

Dear RSbandb

Two episodes ago I asked that if you were to take someone out on a date, what would you serve them for dinner? Shane replied he would come back to me and I think 14 days is enough time to know exactly what the perfect meal is. And as an added interest for making me wait, I want to know who the date would be. I'm sorry, but it has to be someone. Can't be without friends forever, right?

But if we turn our heads towards the Mining & Smithing rework, there is one feature that I actually dislike and would like to have replaced and that is the hopper where you can store all your ore and bars. While I support the features of the Player Owned House wardrobes, farming leprechauns and the toolbelt for handy access to the right tools at the right location, I think it's a step taken too far. The hopper can hold a max stack of 2,1 billion ores and bars, which in my opinion would only be available in the player's bank. It's there where the player can hoard all their personal items after all. What do you think of this feature? Also don't you think that the smithing hopper could be replaced by having the ore-box upgraded so it can store bars as well?  That would give the more reason to upgrade the box and with its large capacity it wouldn't require the running to the bank as the skill requires today.

 I look forward to your answer and happy scaping to you all!

Tyco elf

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