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Question from Tyco Elf

Dear RSbandb

After finally settling down after a very eventful Runefest for Clan Quest, things are slowly returning to normal. Cireon is telling puns, Derp is questing acros Runescape and I have migrated south as the snow has claimed the northern to central parts of the Nordic Lands. And if I'm going to speak from my heart, I have a big regret in my life. Even though we took a picture of me hugging you goodbye with you having the facial expression of having your spine snapped in half, that's an unacceptable picture to wake up every day to.

Pushing my regrets from old day aside, if we were to dream that Jagex would announce Runefest 2019 in USA, what would be the perfect city to host it in? Lets say all Jmods will attend, MTX has paid for every cost involved and the community loves it more than anything.

After that, lets say that you MUST cosplay. No Shane, you are not allowed to go as yourself. Not you Tanis either. What Runescape character would you be? NO, Shane12088 does not count! And as a final wierd quetion to round it off: If you were to take someone out on a date, what would you serve them for dinner? Lets say you got Gordon Ramsey at your disposal.

I really wish I could have hugged you harder Teddy.

From your ever loving Tyco elf.

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