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Sunset Fish

What is your old favorite Runescape pastime?

For me it's Clan Wars before EOC

I would dress-up in Rune all pieces different colors like a rainbow. (guthix, saradomin, god pieces)

I would then join a f2p clan, have the nooby leaders find battles while I hid.

When the matches start it would be against a bunch of lower levels that I would proceed to pick off one by one :mrgreen:

I know it's evil but it was very satisfying. I miss it.

Spitefire088 (Josh)

Hey Earth and Tanis. I have a couple of questions and a suggestion.

1. Do you think you will play OSRS mobile now that it is fully launched or will you wait till RS3 mobile is released? Or will you just stick to PC only? If so, why?

2. With mobile versions of RS coming out, do you think they could come out with a console version? And should they?

3. Tanis, I remember your pick of the week a couple weeks back was wreck fest. Have you heard of It has the nice crashing physics like wreck fest and has a couple of scenarios that you can play. I mostly play it as a sandbox to see how much CARnage I can create. So I suggest that you check it out it if you find the cars wrecking the best part of wreck fest.

And finally

4. The questions that everyone wants to know but doesn't ask... Why does Shane Suck?!


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