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Audio Question from Pyrnassius

Question from Bill

Hello Shane and crew:

I am a returning player, having played sporadically since RS Classic. This time around, so much has changed that I no longer recognize the game; it doesn't resemble at all what runescape used to be like.

I have several questions:

1. How do you actually start doing the PvM content in RS? Is there an explain like I'm 5 for this, starting from the very basics like revolution bars and ability rotations all the way to gear setups and boss mechanics? It's obvious that there is so much content here, but most if it is so opaque that it's really hard to know where to start.

2. How do you get the nox equipment when you have no money and skilling doesn't make anything? Am I doomed to do hours upon hours of popping div bubbles like Tanis?

3. What's the deal with people keeping their comp capes at any cost? Surely there was a time before they had the cape, why do they rush through any new content and then complain instead of playing through it properly?

Thanks for all the work you put into the show every week, they always brighten up my Fridays, sometimes when I listen and sometimes when I stop listening. I look forward to your answers on the show!

Question from Tyco

Quest point shop is out and with it we meet May and the Lorehound, the later we keep as a pet. What people may or may not know is that the community on Runescape's official Discord had a large influence on certain parts of the update. A few examples are the examine messages, dialogues with the Lorehound and the quest NPC's you can transform into. with the ring of quests. Two of the Lorehound's dialogues that were suggested by me and a few others on that Discord and it's thus no surprise we were quite proud on release.

You have talked about how Jagex should be less dependent on the community andgo in a direction that's healthy for the game in the long run. My questions are thus, do you believe this update should have been less interactive with the community? Personally I think it's wonderful to support the developers and see the content come to life. Also what is your opinion on a closed player testing? On one side it could be seen as way to ensure quality before release, and on the other you could see it as favoritism when it comes to chosing the players.

I hope you have your bag ready to go because I will see you very very soon in London. Don't forget to bring a souvenir from Canada and I'm looking forward to give you a bearhug to remember. Cheers! Tyco elf.

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