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Question from Tyco

Dear RSbandb

Player Owned Farms is out and as expected I have seen Shane run around like a kid in a candy shop. I have no doubt you have explored the update through and through. As usual I have a few questions that I would like your opinions on.

(1) As you two have mentioned several times, the lack of updates the later half of the year has not gone unnoticed. However after seeing an update like this, do you think it was worth the wait and more importantly, do you think the "waiting time" will be remembered?

(2) I have personally been making a few millions of gp by selling animals at World 2 to other players. Rare animals such as dragons have been going up to 40 million! What do you think about the player interaction and the pricing of these animals?

(3) After some time, I realized that there are so many animals that could have been included and that so much more could be added. I really hope we get some additions before the end of the year to make the farm more lively. What animals would you like to see added to POF in the future?

Thank you and see you at Runefest.

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