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Question from Tyco Elf

Dear RSBandB

Solak has now officially killed over 120 thousand players, and probably even more by the time you record this show. The screams of the PvM-community will forever haunt the Lost Grove for all eternity.

With that aside, let's turn our attention to a hot topic in the RS-community: The Completionist Cape. There are discussions if Solak should be a requirement to be a requirement for this prestigious cape. In my opinion, the cape should be awarded to players who have "experienced everything the game has to offer". Note how I'm using the word "experienced" and not "completed" or "mastered". My questions to you today are: (1) If you would sum up the completionist cape in single a sentence, what sentence would it be? (2) Do you think it would be fair to implement a "safe mode" on bosses where the difficulty is drastically decreased for the sake of completing the objective of Completionist? This would be in my opinion very unfair and remove both prestige and the sense of accomplishment from the PvM-community.

And as a final note, people might not realize that that adding difficult objectives  makes them stronger when they are determined to reach them. The purpose of Runescape is to enjoy your playing experience and to develop your own playing style. You Shane the farmer is an example of that. And as the Completionist cape touches everything the game has to offer, of course everyone will find a task or two that they are not comfortable with.

See you this weekend.

Tyco the elven elfborne of the elves.

Question from Wiley

Hey guys, Wiley here. Do you believe that Jagex, and Jmods in particular have become too transparent? Because of a tweet from Mod Rowley the week before release we knew the "hidden" quest started in McGrubbor’s  Wood, we see a large portion of content ahead of time on streams, and when things like the alchemical jewelry gets highlighted merchers jump on it. Surprises are small and big changes are filtered through quick glance feedback. Comparatively CCG the company behind Eve goes out of their way to hide everything until it's in game and while often their players complain it seems to pan out for the best in game. Do you think jagex's approach is due to a lack of confidence or a deliberate stance, and do you think this should change?

5 Steps to Harmony with Jagex

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