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I would like to raise a question that is on most minds of the players of Runescape Classic after the recent decision to permanently shut down the game as of august 6th. Not their reasoning for the decision, nor the mismanagement and neglect for the better part of 14 years, since those issues could take up an entire podcast. Rather the question I'd like to ask is, what now? Simply put, the majority of the players are from the division between Rs Classic and Rs2 back in 2004 when they decided to stay with classic, despite losing the highscore and Jagex support. It is highly unlikely any of them will migrate to newer game versions, so what alternative are they left with? A hot topic on the classic forum is the possibility to hand over the entire game code to someone who is willing to carry on and maintain the game. Another possibility is the release of the offline version of the game, which some players in the past have been given access to - although it might not exist anymore. The only alternative for continuing to play classic in some form would be to resort to private servers, although they are generally disliked among the players of the real classic.

Another thing is, what happens to the items in classic? Players of DarkScape were compensated when that version was shut down, although the situation is not entirely the same. While the rate at which xp and items can be acquired on classic is far lower than that of rs2 or rs3, many bots have been allowed to gain obscene amounts of both over the years, so a compensation for the actual account being deleted seems unlikely. Holiday items, however, are as genuine and rare as those in rs3. The bot problem is again an issue, but for most classic players who have held on to their rares for over 15 years, they carry a tremendous sentimental value. What has been suggested among classic players is being allowed to transfer their holiday items to the newer game versions in an untradeable form, as to not affect the economy of the newer versions. The primary argument I can present for doing so is the promise Jagex gave the players of classic 14 years ago when the game was divided: that their items and accounts would not be touched, and that the game would keep on living. Those circumstances have changed, and so it is worth a decision made by Jagex on what to do. I am aware that most players of rs2 and rs3 are indifferent about this, but at the very least being able to keep their holiday items in some form would be a slight comfort in what feels like a tragedy for the most loyal players this game has ever seen.

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