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Hey guys,

Just wanted to post some clarifications in regards to the Safecracking 'cast last week:

(I will preface that I do enjoy the training method, I just think it has some pretty serious flaws)

Dwarf Traders are about 800K XP per hour at level 99+, and were the best Thieving method before Safecracking. This rate requires the following:

- Over 13 million Thieving XP gained in the skill

- Crystal Mask spell unlocked after The Light Within quest

- Soul-in-a-box unlocked after Nomad's elegy

- The Ardougne 3 Cloak

- Full Black Ibis

- Full Camouflage

- The discontinued Cheeky Monkey pet

- Crucially, the Legendary Thieving aura, which of course can only be used for an hour with a 3 hour cooldown.

Level 83 safecracking is achieving rates of 700K XP per hour. This rate requires:

- Over 2 million Thieving XP gained in the skill

- 40 Agility and 46 Herblore

- Access to Yanille, Ardougne and Camelot, 58 Magic the highest requirement here.

Level 96+ Safecrackers are now netting rates of 1.1M XP per hour. The rate requires:

- Almost 10 million Thieving XP gained in the skill

- 40 Agility and 46 Herblore

- Wilderness sword 3

- Summers End quest

- Ritual of the Mahjarrat

Other miscellaneous facts:

- Elf Worker pickpocketing at level 99+ is about 450K XP per hour

- Pyramid Plunder at level 99+ is about 250K XP per hour

- Level 62+ Safecracking is about 250K XP per hour

It's important to note that the safes aren't seemingly affected my Thieving level, aura or equipment, therefore a level 99 will be opening safes just as quickly as a level 62 Thief. Rather than taking the opportunity to make other Thieving methods more diverse, enjoyable or worthwhile, the problem with the update is that Jagex made all other training methods obsolete. The Thieving skill now is effectively the Safecracking skill, and I personally find this rise in XP rates at early levels truly alarming.

I think in general, the update can't be summed up better than with Pyrnassius' analysis: This isn't diversification, this is replacement.

Compare this to a recently revamped skill like Fishing, that now has countless lower level methods like Menaphos or Shilo or Barbarian fishing, to high leveled AFK Urchins, Less AFK but more money Sailfish, even less AFK but even more money Jellies, to Wobbegong, to Fishing Frenzy pure XP.

Thieving is now level 1-62 Thieving Guild, level 62-200M Safecracking.

Question from The RRMan

RRman Questions #47

Hey all hope all is well. Iv been away from the game for a few months, just having one of the usual breaks from the game that every player need to. Seems like iv missed out on a lot and it seems like this year is gonna be a killer with some crazy updates.

Please note I'm also behind on the podcast so you might have dealt with some of these.

1. It's been a few months since the new clues have come out, are you still doing them and what's your biggest win so far?

2. The player owned farm idea is amazing, super shocked that's its ment to be this year. What's your favorite farm animal? I of course will default to a sheep, before anyone interjects.

3. When did you last do dung? Of Course I still think its a mini game, but I must say last time I did it. It was a lot more bearable. There are so many quality of life fixes that mean you don't have to worry about min maxers telling you what to do or getting angry.

Cheers for the show its great to catch up on all the updates after not playing for a few months.

Peace Out

The RRman

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