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Question from Wiley

Hello guys, Wiley's back. With the news about the t92 armor you discussed last week and the use of Torva armor with it, along with some vaguely similarly portable aspects from the mining and smithing rework beta, do you think we might be looking at not only a mining and smithing rework but also a surprise crafting/runecrafting/woodcutting/fletching rework? One that covers all three styles in somewhat copy and pasted formats?

Question from Borosouro

So, as you probably noticed, the Crassians seem to play a prominent role in Pieces of Hate. This is unusual, because the Crassians have only ever played a prominent role before in A Shadow Over Ashdale, which before now was an entirely stand-alone quest. My question is: what connections can we draw from this? Zogoth is obviously a beefed up version of Agoroth, but what is the precise relation between them? Are they long-lost cousins? Are they actually the same monster, and Agoroth became Zogoth after it was fed 'rum' by Rabid Jack?

Question from Wolffi

If the podcast crew today was a pirate crew, who would walk the plank first? I'd like each of you to name your sharkbait!

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