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Since the release of 07scape, it has been a growing trend to make money there and transfer the money to rs3. Rs3 top players started very early on to typically use one or more alts to afk yews on 07 and then swap it at rates of typically 1:15. Jagex decided to not ban people for doing so, letting it become a big influence of the economy of both games, as well as the real world trading scene. With the release of other game modes such as deadman and darkscape, teams of people have worked together to be the first to mine and smith rune items, often making close to one billion rs3 gp per day per person.

A few clans decided to consider swapping cheating and kicked people out who did it, despite Jagex not making a decision on whether it should be considered cheating or not, leaving it as sort of a grey area, the same way the use of alts were for a long time (and still are to some degree). What are your thoughts on Jagex' apparent indecisiveness on things like this?

Another thing that comes to mind is the dice games going on when free trade was reintroduced where game hosts would make several billion in a day. It was allowed to go on for several months despite quite a lot of criticism from the community, and after ignoring it entirely for months, they suddenly decided to nerf them.

And that they have somewhat let the use of alts become accepted, but then suddenly ban a lot of people who use a lot of them. This is without giving any info on how many alts they are then fine with people using, if any.

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