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G'day Guys, Pyrn here with a question about an issue from the patch notes a couple of weeks ago, in regard to an exploit used at Nex AOD and Telos involving using boxtraps to circumvent some of the boss mechanics. Everyone had a good chuckle over this, and while amusing, it is cheating to use an exploit or bug in game to gain an unfair advantage. Jagex did nothing to punish the players using this cheating mechanic, however. My question to you is this: If a skiller had found a similar exploit and abused it, do you think Jagex would be as lenient? Say, for example, a player worked out that dropping a box trap on an enriched wisp when it appeared during invention kept the wisp active for the as long as the box trap was active, and they were able to get continuous enriched memories, or if a miner dropped on on a rune rock, which meant it didn't deplete, wouldn't Jagex then give them at least a temp ban? We see this a bit with the high level pvm community getting away with dodgy stuff all the time. I would point out YouGotLit last year, who was found to have been trading gold with RWT, and was banned, yet appealed it, and had it reversed simply because he was a high level elite pvm player. I would doubt very much that this would have been the case for a regular skiller. Love to hear your thoughts on this.

As always, Happy 'scaping to you all!

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