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Question from Trekkie

With the new aura interface, if you were to create a new aura for the game what would it do? Would it have different tiers? Would it something useful like invincibility for the next 30 seconds, or something fun like, turn yourself into a rock?

Question from Pyrnassius

Hey guys, a discussion topic for you this week. With RS mobile on the horizon, Jagex looks to be still sticking with its plan to release OSRS before the flagship game, RS3. While I understand the graphics and conversion to mobile is simpler, I cannot fathom the reason for this decision. Surely, as a company, you would want your flagship product, the one that brings in the majority of your profits, to be the one focussed on. If not released first, at least done simultaneously so that it has the chance to thrive and bring those new players in and be able to convert then being profitable players. With the lack of MTX on OSRS, it just seems to be bad business. How do you feel about this? To be perfectly honest, in my opinion, it just seems that the CEO, Mod Pips, must have a real love for OSRS, which let's face it, is just a Jagex certified private server, over the actual main game. I have heard of several people who have come back upon hearing of mobile release and have signed up to OSRS simply because they know that is coming first. I don't think Jagex fully understands that to try and convert those players to RS3, where they will need to begin all over again, will be a difficult, if not impossible, task. Can't wait to hear your thoughts

As always, happy Scaping!


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