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Question from Tyco

Hello RSbandb! Christmas is at our doorstep and as usual we are reminded that this is the time of giving and charity. Getting families together, visiting lonely friends and giving the stranger a present is truly amazing to witness every year.  Now, my questions to the Farm-tastic Shane and his sidekick are (1) If Jagex were to hire you to make one big event throughout December for the community, what would it be? It will preferably be something enjoyed by the 4 roles of Runescape: Pvmers, Skillers, Adventurers and Bankstanders. (2) Who will be luckiest real-life person this Christmas be in having you in their lives?  I know you are preparing a big surprise for this lucky person, but we can always pray (just this once) that they aren't listening to the podcast. Merry Christmas and a Happy new year! From Tyco, the elven elfborne of the elves.

Question from Choto

Hoods fellow noobs, it is I, Tyco's rng thief.

1) We saw a forum thread by Timbo explaining the mathematics of skilling pets. I, for instance, didn't know your chances of obtaining a pet increased drastically with virtual levels. Do you think its a good thing that the drop rate increases when you reach max xp in a skill? Also how is your rng? Have you received any pets?

2) According to you, is it good that they implement new tradeable armours? Wouldn't it be better if t70, 80 and 90 equipment were untradeable?

3) bonus question: Any thoughts on the Internet Neutrality law?

Thank you and have a great weekend!

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