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Question from Zant

Hey guys!

So i've been playing RuneScape very sparingly since about late 2013, until recent holiday travels resulted in me listening to several episodes of RSBandBUpdate in the car during my travels. Ultimately, this may have resulted in my return to the game. My question for you all is what new content over the past year or two do you think has made a positive impact on the day to day way you play RuneScape (aside from the obvious stuff such as NXT). This can be larger updates, or even smaller quality of life fixes that you think are good for a returning player to know about. There have been a lot of content updates that i've missed out on during my break, and i'm trying my best to catch up and stay in the know about what's good to try out as far as new content.

Also, are any of you all tea drinkers? If so what kind of tea is your favorite?

I'm thrilled to be playing RS again, and RSBandB has always made me feel welcome as a part of the community.

All the best,


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