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Question from Choto

Hoods fellow noobs! So I'm not here with you today but my questions are!

1) First of all, how would you rate from 1 to 10 the f2p updates introduced earlier this week?
2) Fletching was changed to a free skill, so does this mean the next skill introduced in game will be p2p?
3) I was surprised to find that many updates benefit f2p ironmen, as we can now obtain and craft armours like Mystic and Dragonhide. We can also access new abilities and d&ds. And 7 new quests! So the question is: is it correct to assume that f2p is now kinda completed and will not receive major updates for a long time?
4) Dragon Slayer has always been considered to be the door to the member's world. But now Missing, Presumed death is here. It's more like it introduces the player to the 6th age and the Endgame's storyline. What do you think about that? Better to have higher requirements like Dragon Slayer or large amounts of lore like MPD to lure free players to the p2p worlds?
5) Do you think f2p pking will be revitalized now that the Wilderness has more opportunities and open areas for free players?
And lastly, Meneer Naab achieved 99 fletching in a day and is aiming towards max xp for the second time! Kind regards to him, and thank you rsbandb as usual!

If you want to send questions or discussion topics for Update you can send to, call or text 571-57-BANDB (571-572-2632), or leave us a DM on Twitter @rsbandb


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