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Question from Tyco

Hi RSbandb! It took some time but fear not because F2P is now on its way to become a complete demo of the game! This because Jagex are expecting a lot of new players with the launch of RS on mobile and wants to give them the best treatment possible. The most annoying paywalls are going to be removed, the areas are expanded and even a whole skill is released for the free players. Now the question is: Do you really think that RS on mibile will bring in new players? Personally I don't think so. However, I strongly believe that we will see a massive increase playtime by current players and there are four reasons to that. Treasure Hunter, Dailies, AFK-on-the-go and (of course) the community.

As we all know, who doesn't log in every single day for a chance for that sweet 200M gp price that always seems out of our reach and yet so close. Who hasn't lived in pain over the UK gametime that always closes that TH-promotion before you wake up or manage to get home after work? And who hasn't dreamed of buying even more keys before the promotion ends? All of this will soon be reality.

Ah, the dailies. Those things that we always finish but always return, no matter how hard you try for them not to. They are just like The Force in Star Wars: Always around us and affects every single living organism in the entire universe. To please this force you must (literally) work hand and your hard work will be rewarded even if it is watching 332 yew logs burn in a bonfire in front of your eyes. Who hasn't been eager to invent a mechanical hand that clicks on 4 buttons on your keyboard every 65 seconds when you could watch Game of Thrones instead? Some have brought a custom gaming mouse for 200$ and solved it that way. But fear not, cause the 200$-saving solution will be here soon!

AFK. Soon to be executed as a thing of the past as the AFP (Away From Phone) will enter the scene and be crowned king. Who hasn't felt the wrath of staying "active" when fishing 50k fish of the docks of Menaphos? To quote my friend Luke: Skilling while taking a dump! #thedream. Who didn't wish that somebody else could woodcut those yew trees while somewhere else? Who couldn't resist to watch Youtube, Netflix, Anime or even the TV just behind the computer while the World Guardian demonstrates the true power of the crystal hatchet? Try to make that sound like a final boss fight, in the end even Dora the Explorer on TV will win.

Oh the community. Those things that never become satisfied no matter what you give them. Always screaming "balance this, rework that, don't steal our comp capes and don't forget to give us Sailing as a skill". But we love them. And they also love themselves so the feeling is mutual. We tried telling them this wasn't a dating site but did that work? Pffff, of course not! They love dating! So why would we keep the poor e-daters away from each other? You are right, we shouldn't. Better to do something about it. And the deadline will be in 2018. The mobile dating site on-the-go!

Thanks for all the amazing work and see you all at Runefest 2017.

Question from The RRMan

Hey Hey its the RRman

Last week you mentioned the "runecrafting story" and that someone should ask about it.

So Im asking, what is this story?

This is the question for another show :P


Peace Out

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