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Question from Choto

Hello fellow noobs, Choto here:


1) Achievements 2.0! I gotta say it's a huge improvement from the short lived achievements rework we experienced for several months.

Now the question is....Runescore? Really? Do you think that the scoring system will actually serve a purpose in the future?

2) We have the chance to vote whether we want the incomplete Mining & Smithing rework now or to keep waiting for a one-time launch. What's your favourite choice and why?

3) We are also getting Invention batch 2! Will it make an improvement on this skill or will it create more useless content? Will we be able to really discover and invent?

Thanks and have a great weekend!

Question from Tyco

With the (re)introduction of the achievement system, Runescape players will now have an easier time to find new goals and discover activities that they might not have been interested in participating previously. Short story, the players have once again been handed tasks to complete. Now my question is, do you think that Runescape should continue to head down a path where it becomes a never-ending story (e.g. mini-games, dailies, add and extend skills to 120) OR a path where the players can feel that they can finish the game (e.g. ending questlines and complete the skills)? What would YOU like to see and what future do you think lies in the future for the game. Best regards, Tyco the elven elfborne of the elves

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