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Question from Trekkie

Greetings! it is I Trekkie. LEADER of Omicron Perci 8!

With the quality of life change to treasure trails coming into the game, what other quality of life changes would you like to happen with Treasure trail? If you cannot think of one, what quality of life changes would you make for another skill?

Peace out!

Question from Thieves

Hey guys,

1. With Shattered Worlds getting the much needed anima boost,

- What other minigames would you like Jagex to update?

- What would you change about these minigames to make them more successful?

2. Menaphos reputation system is still universally loathed,

- Do you think it's worth Jagex's time to sort the reputation mess out?

- What rewards would you add to the reputation system to make it feel more worthwhile?

Cheers guys.

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