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Question from Tyco

With the Double XP Weekend announced there will undoubtedly be many players that are going to work for either 99 or 120 slayer, as much work as it requires. In an earlier episode, you talked about how the personal slayer dungeons solves this problem. (1) But do you really think that this will prevent hotspots from being crowded? Also, if we look at it from a different perspective it resembles a lot like Gilded Altars in the way that it can only be accessible if you know the name of the owner. (2) Do you think that during occasions like this when slayer dungeons is highest in demand influences Socialscape in a positive way? And finally (3) If you had a personal slayer dungeon with creatures you knew was high in demand, how would you reach out to as many people as possible so they can use it? Remember, they can enter your dungeon even if you aren't inside.

Question from Sorensen57

What do you think of completionist requirements getting locked behind massive grind walls. Examples 12 hours of temple trekking. 10 hours of livid farm. 30 hours of menaphos fishing etc. Also will you or shan ever go for a comp cape / master quest cape for shane? Also Whats your Current Favourite Food?

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