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Question from Thieves

What would you rather quiz! [Old vs. New]

a) Finish up all existing quest lines, such as the Penguins and Pirate quests -- OR -- Start an entirely different set of Quests (this includes the proposed Bottle Quests)

b) Update dead minigames like Vinesweeper and Soul Wars and give them 2017 XP rates -- OR -- Add in more minigames like Shattered Worlds.

c) Graphically update all content to match the rest of the game and make them relevant again -- OR -- Continue releasing new areas such as Menaphos and Prifddinas.

d) Update the Forums and the website usability -- OR -- Scrap the RSOF entirely and opt to use Twitter and Reddit exclusively.

e) Fix up existing skills like Construction and Invention -- OR -- Continue adding more Elite Skills such as Necromancy etc.

Update 677 - SoS: the State of Skills

Thanks guys.

Question from Choto

1) Menaphos, Menaphos, MENAPHOS!!!! At last, the golden city is there for us. At first, I thought it would be a horrible grind because of the insane amount of reputation we need to access quests. But then I said: Why do I need to complete everything new ASAP? Why not take the time to explore a wonderful city with a lot of content?

So first question is: do you like this update to be something that can actually take some time to complete, instead of completing it in less than 24 hours? cough invention cough

2) how many quests have you completed? Do you think they are great, like I do?

3) Will Menaphos be the new Priff?

4) Whats the best and the worst you've seen in Menaphos?

5) we've also seen the Slayer cap increased. I don't care about it that much, but many complained about how long it takes to get souls for your own dungeon. Have you tried getting any souls yet? Are you happy it actually takes some work to gather them all?

5) Finally: Hype lvl? (1-99)

Thanks and have a wonderful weekend

Question from Tyco Elf

Hi Rsbandb, this is Tyco elf. A couple of episodes ago Tanis mentioned how the Sigils of Shattered World would increase the motivation for bad behaviour regarding popular spots for slayers. With the release of Personal Slayer Dungeon where players can not only create their own dungeons but also visit others without their owners being inside, do you think this is a clever idea will eliminate the fight over crowded hotspots and increase the social interactions between players? Also, would the sigils of Shattered worlds have a place in the 120 Slayer update with this new information?

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