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Discussion topic from Pyrnassius

Hey, guys, Pyrnassius again. Since this a patch week, I have a hypothetical discussion topic for you.

It is August, 2019 and Jagex have announced that they are releasing Runescape Remastered; a rebuild of the game, taking full advantage of the NXT engine, optimised for virtually every computer build for at least the past 8 years, including Mac. The world map size will be enlarged, creating real distance between cities again, all skills have been reworked and monster drops will no longer include primary drops from skills. Armour from bosses will be in pieces and will need to be worked by smiths for melee, crafters for ranged and runecrafters for magic. Initially, Barrows will be the highest level boss monsters for the first 6 months, then every 4-6 months after, we will slowly see the release of the other bosses into game, in order of difficulty and the tier of armour they drop. Quests will be released to a schedule as well, every 2-3 weeks. However, every player will have to start from scratch again.

My question to you is, one; would you sign up again and start from the very beginning? and two, what three things would you change from the current game in the remastered version? (Taking out mtx is NOT an option!) Personally, one change I would make is that all lodestones would have to be unlocked as you level up through the Magic skill and would require an ongoing rune recharging fee.

Love to hear you discussions on this!        

As always, may your gains be plentiful and happy 'scaping!


Question from Wiley

Hey guys, Wiley here. Do you have any ranks on the highscores table you are particularly proud of? Also do you think we will ever see the introduction Bactrian camels in Runescape? Maybe as a pack animal for Akthanakos in his adventures in the north? Thanks for the show.

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