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Hey guys, Pyrnassius here.

My question this week is in regard to the bonus xp weekend about to hit us. Way back in 2012, Jagex told us we were not going to have any more of these. Then in October of that year, we suddenly had a new version of it, double xp. Precious to this, bonus xp was in a sliding scale, from 2.7x when you first logged in, steadily decreasing until it bottomed out at 1.2x xp. At that time, it was hitting us twice a year, which was more than enough. To be honest, I thought once a year would have been adequate. Now fast forward to the end of 2016. Suddenly, bonus xp seems to be thrown in the game with abandon. We a double xp weekend in September, (which really runs for 3 days), then we had bonus xp from the 30th December until the 5th of January. Granted, this was a 10% boost, but still, it ran for almost a full week. Roll forward to February and again, we had a 3-day weekend of double xp, which Jagex THEN added a full week, whereby the players received an additional 1 million bonus xp that started at double and lowered by 5% every 50,000 xp they gained, until the 1 million was used. This was available for the entire week immediately following the finish of the February bonus. And now, just 3 months later, we are having yet ANOTHER dxpw. On top of all the cookie cutter so-called "special" events that dump loads of extra free xp with skilling plots, such as the build-a-fayre, port sarim event, pirate boat event down in Lumbridge swamp and the like, do you think Jagex have watered down the game too much? These events corrupt the economy and further eat away at the already dismal gp amounts that skillers are already victim of. Free cooking, free smithing, free construction, free crafting; the list goes on and on.

Is it time for the developers to be more innovative and create actual fun content that is both rewarding and fun to play, without being lazy and resorting to the thought of "hey, we want a new update this week, lets reskin the Falador event again and dump more xp into the game, for palyers to just grind away and not fully engage in said content. Even the Mental Health Awareness event was so ho-hum, we simply got tokens appearing in our inventory without any player interaction at all. I, for one, am sick of all these happening one on top of another, seemingly month after month.

Love to hear your discussions regarding this.

As always, Happy 'scaping all!


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