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Question from Whiteey

With 120 slayer just around the corner, what's your current favourite slayer task?

Question from Pyrnassius

Hey guys, and welcome aboard, Tanis

A quick question for discussion this week from me: We have just seen another mini-game introduced by Jagex, with fairly underwhelming rewards for time spent. With the other mini games already pretty much dead content, do you think the dev team should perhaps look at reviving the rewards from the older ones to marry in to Shattered Worlds? Imagine how much Castle Wars would change, if the Profound Armour reward from there was made to be best in slot accuracy bonus when used on Shattered Worlds? Then, we could see a degradeable upgrade for the Elite Void armour that Tanis suggested last week introduced as a more substantial and useful reward for it (I loved that suggestion by Tanis, btw). We may see mini games played properly and not just a "let's log in and sit on the ground for 20 minutes while we play something else, or watch Netflix".

Love to hear your thoughts on something like this.

As always, thanks for the great podcast and Happy 'Scaping


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