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Question from Cireon

Hey there!

As you all know I have been super hyped for this update and it's repercussions on the game. I may also be having a few withdrawal symptoms from the podcast, so here are some things for you to consider about Shattered Worlds:

1. While the rewards for Shattered Worlds don't seem to be great, they were given quite some attention in the newspost. It seems they have been used to lure players there, which would counter the idea behind Shattered Worlds that it is a competitive, social event. Do you think the rewards have been left relatively useless on purpose, or do you think Jagex will buff them to get more player to complete the content just for that? What do you think Jagex should do?

2. The minimum recommended requirement for Shattered Worlds is only level 40 combat, which seems really low. It also means that for high level players it scales up fairly slowly and they have to spend a lot of time getting through to the more challenging worlds. This means the content requires a much higher time investment, up to several hours. We have proof in the form of Fight Caves vs Fight Kiln that things with a shorter duration are more popular, and I think 30-60 minutes would have been the sweet spot, with maybe an option to do a very quick challenge of just a few worlds that you can do daily.

3. One of the main concerns from players was the need to invest resources, where they get not much in return. Do you think this is a problem with the player's attitude, or is it the rewards, or should players not be required to invest anything in the event?

As for me: I think the ideal solution would have been to make Shattered Worlds an event playing ground, where you automatically get buffed to max levels and can mix and match from a special set of gear only used in this activity (similar to Dungeoneering, but without having to make your own). This would really put the focus on player skill and strategy, and also take away any concerns of having to spend resources/money at the event. It could also lead to shorter/more challenging challenges, since everybody starts at max level so no scaling is needed. The rewards should mainly be aesthetic and a way to show off skill, maybe with unique rewards for top X player in the weekly challenge, similar to how collectible card games do it.

To end on a lighter note, a final question: what is your favourite type of bird?



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