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Question from Thieves

Hey guys,

We've had the Menaphos Library competition, a Combat Skill pet competition and Mod Kelpie asking for Seers' Village lore submissions, all formed this month alone. Dare I say it, but this sounds like Runescape 3 is beginning to take a leaf out of the OSRS book with more community created ideas, which honestly excites me. It's like Runelabs-lite.

What are your thoughts on Jagex using the player base as a creative well?

Thanks Boyos!

Question from Wiley

Hey guys, Wiley again. Do you guys think the dominion tower needs a rework? In the make it more challenging/rewarding way not the easier way. It requires 110 combat but most of the bosses are under level 90 and can be killed in a few hits from a high combat player. Secondly, do you think we will ever get more information on the "camel god" or do you think the lore will be changed to directly state that the camel god is akthanakos? If there is a separate god dedicated to camels do you think akthanakos' loyalty to Zaros would come into question? Also do you think seren will try to befriend any mahjarrat in the future or vice versa?

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