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Question from Pyrnassius

G'day all

My question this week pertains to Jagex themselves as a company. Do you think it is time for them to now split the 2 games of Runescape and Old School Runescape up? Is it time to make OSRS stand on its own two feet and for Jagex to stop siphoning money from the real game into supporting it? We have seen OSRS go from its original inception of a nostalgic game from 2007 and morph into a totally new game with its own team and updates. It originally had a team of 3-4 mods taken from the main game, but now has a team of around 12, and as we see on the new Jagex website, they are looking to hire additional staff for it.

Is it time to make OSRS self-sufficient? We could potentially see the membership prices split, with perhaps a 10-15% reduction for the players who solely want to play one version and have an option for an additional $2-$3 dollars a month for those that want both. It could also be included as an incentive for the Gold Premier Club that members have access to both. If the OSRS version were made to support itself and not rely on the money coming into the game from the MTX that the main game provides, do you think it would survive? Should their team be reduced to only what the game itself brings in? My own views are that if this were the case, the OSRS version would have far fewer updates and a much smaller team, given the overheads that are propped up by RS3. I know many OSRS players scream that they have more players at any given time, but one only has to visit the game to see they still have a severe bot problem. I would estimate that a good 25-30% of the players on the OSRS servers are bots and not legitimate players.

Given the record profits that Jagex made last financial year, should the re-investment of funds be made into the game that brings in the most, or used in promoting further advancements such as Chronicle and the One Piercing note venture they tried,rather than funnelled away into something that has split the community and simply adds to costs. I am not saying that OSRS should be made reduntant and buried, but that it should be made accountable for its costs and justify its development for the amount of resources it requires.

Thanks in advance for your the great podcast, and happy Runescaping!


Question from Tyco Elf

In this weeks update the size of the main action bar has been decreased to allow players to create a 'block' of action bars with no gaps. For something that has existed for 5 years now, this is something that affects many players in RS3 both in a positive and negative way depending on their interface management. Now my question is: From both a Developer's and a Player's perspective, where would the line go between leaving a piece of content as it is or replacing it with an improved version? What would make you want to replace something and when do you know to leave something as it is?

Question from Wiley

Hey guys Wiley here with the disclaimer that I am not crazy... Will you be taking part in the menaphos library competition and if so what will your entry be about? Mine was called The Camel and The Cabbage. Because you know, Akthanakos can't have Brassica convince him to hear Seren out and join her side in the Elder god quest line if there is no connection in game between them. Thanks for the show!

Competition link:,43,319,65897435

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