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Question from Wolffi

Since the new achievement system is coming out and some of it was shown on stream, do you have any opinion about why this kind of a system wasn't implemented before? I am not a game developer nor a programmer and have very little idea on the limitations of their platform, but it seems counterintuitive to have a list of achievements without having a ''progress-bar'' or hints toward those achievements. So I suppose my question really is, why did the previous system have the hints tab but none of the achievements actually had any hints nor progress indicators whereas the new system seems simple enough to have been put into the game when the achievement system was initially introduced?

Question from Trekkie

Ahh greetings players of gielinor! Come now! For we must go and reclaim Lumbridge. You see, soon after the dawn of the new age, Saradomin and Zamorak fought a bloody battle and left a giant hole.

Our mission is to go and clean it up and make it pretty again.

*a noob raises his hand*: but what about Edgeville? My family's home is still in shambles. When shall Edgeville get repair? It's a conspiracy!!

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