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Audio from Pyrnassius

Question from Thieves

Hey, fun game for you guys to try out:

Log into Runescape 3, head to any Grand Exchange & proclaim your love for OSRS.

- From my test, I was met with mostly silence. The few voices that perked up ranged from 'Cool bro' to 'Well, go and play OSRS then' -- People simply don't seem to care.

Next, log into OSRS, head to the Grand Exchange & this time proclaim your love for Runescape 3.

- The result? Oh man. It's like showing a red rag to an angry bull. Name calling, belittling and just torrents and torrents of pure hatred.

My questions are:

1. Can you think of any examples of this with any other companies or franchises?

2. Why do you think a large portion of the OSRS community hates RS3 so much?

(Is it like seeing your Ex-Girlfriend has become considerably hotter and therefore you hate her even more?)

3. If you could copy & paste your character over to OSRS, would you do it?

Thanks guys.

Question from Wiley

Hey guys, Wiley here. Do you think that with the mining and smithing rework the new t90 pickaxes should be in line damage wise to other smithed t90s? Who is your favorite boss lore wise? And do you think that Bactrian camels are a viable farm animal?

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