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Audio Question from Pyrnassius

Question from Thieves

Hey guys,

Question 1.

I know the Quest is supposed to be comedic, but as a person who loathes Doctor Who and loves Runescape Lore, I can't bear the fact that there is now an in-universe T.A.R.D.I.S sat in the desert -- Not even a half-assed, wooden, Jagex-style T.A.R.D.I.S -- an actual metal, time-travelling phone box is sat in the desert spewing ice like a fridge dispensor.

My question is: If you were a brand new player, who happened to be enjoying the Egyptian/Arabian knights feel of the Desert, how would you feel about seeing a likely copyright Sci-Fi object sat around in the Desert?

Heck, Question 2:

If you were consuming any media supposedly set in Medieval times, what would you think if something like this happened? Lord of the Rings, Gandalf suddenly pulls out an actual light sabre and goes to town on some Orcs. Game of Thrones, Daenerys ditches the Dragons & instead rides a Tron Light Bike to Westeros. Sure, it would lol xD rAnDoM, but it just makes the rich lore of the text ridiculous.

We have Invention now I suppose, which of course means Sci-Fi-esque inventions in our Lore instead of steam/coal machines make more sense /S. I'm looking forward to buying an AT-AT from Soloman's and mowing down some Holographic Dark Beasts in the near future.

I'll reiterate: I know the Quest is supposed to be jokey and the whole series is just silly -- But this is all still canon. For anyone who cares about the Lore of this game, this is just mind-numbingly stupid. Gower Quest does a phenomenally better job at being funny and tongue in cheek, so what the heck is this hot garbage?

Apologies for the rant & wall of text guys, thanks for reading.


Question from Choto

1) I already like achievement system as it is. Dev diaries mentioned that new system would also merge with comp/max/mqc reqs. Do you think this update will be worth it? Or do you think we'll find ourselves with (almost) the same content?

2) Still haven't done the new quest, but I'll ask anyways: Do you think the secret quest is a good change after all those super serious, lore filled, god quests? Or would you prefer more quests like CoM, Elegy or Endgame?

3) Question for Sira: When are we seeing more of Spiffy McSpoffinberg and the Devil's a Loser?

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