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Question from Wiley

Hey guys, Wiley's back. So, back in Sliske's Endgame the winged cabbage (Armadyl) seemed to be a focal point, yet there was little mention of any gods apart from the Renekton impersonation from Menaphos, do you think they are keeping this a surprise or they simply aren't doing anything with it this year? Also in the Endgame Jas could have made comments that are heresy; do you believe Jas possesses knowledge of the elder god that is not "of form" and that he/she/jassy may be underestimating the power of the being of nutrition?

Question from Colton

Hey, hosts, it's Colton! Hope this finds you all well! Here go my three questions for this week:

1. Please rank the Classic Starburst flavors from best to worst.

2. How long is a normal shower for you? How hot or cold do you prefer the water?

3. If you could choose one wild animal as your familiar to follow you and aid you throughout life, which would you choose and why??

Thanks so much for the show each week!



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