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Questions from Thieves

Hey guys:

1. Any ideas on what Zamorak will have to do for Zaros with the whole Legatus Maximus thing?

2. What do you think about Bilrach's Floor 61 mention?

3. With his new found power, Zemouregal is able to start the Runescape Zombie Apocalypse -- Where is the first place you guys choose to wait it out and what is your weapon of choice?

Question from Trekkie

while doing the GM quest, i felt something was missing. I felt what was mission was the great voices of all the great worldly creatures. Why hasn't Jagex just do voice acting for all GM quest? It would submerge all of us into the store so much better, especially those really good cutscenes.

When the final fight begins, you do believe Saradomin shall come as well

Questions from Choto

I've been saying for quite a long time that we players know too much. I mean, we are constantly bombarded with BTS, trailers and hints. Every update is known, every update is waited and the hype becomes real. But then what happens? Well, expectations grow far too much and reality...reality is not THAT good. For instance. I didn't read or watch anything about CoM, and enjoyed it more than Nomad's elegy or any piece of content that was released lately, including the Arc.

Do you think that updates and releases should be kept in secret till the day of release? Or would you keep it like it is now?

We had Missing, presumed death, Dishonour among thieves, Nomad's elegy, Kindred spirits and Children of Mah. Can you make a best-worst qualification?

And lastly. Do you think any god, (including Sliske) will die in Endgame? And most importantly, do you WANT any of them to die?


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