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Question from Thieves

A few questions for you this week:

1. With talks of skill reworks like Mining and Smithing, people are calling for a change to the Agility skill too. Any suggestions how you would fix it?

2. If you guys could create your own Elder Artifact, what would it be and what would it do?

3. Star Trek uniforms become available in Soloman's General Store: Do you buy yourself a set & equip it 5ever, or do you take to the Forums and argue that 'Jamflex' is killing the game?

Thanks fellas.

Question from 1234werecool

When will Skilling Outfits no longer be obtainable only through zealous micro transactions?

Question from Kyratian

Even though it hasn't been released yet, but do you think the Nightmare Gloves will have a huge roll in PvP?

Question from Tyco Elf

How much do you think players shall be able to affect the development of Runescape (mining & smithing rework for example)? Full control, keeping it secret or somewhere in between?

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