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Question from Choto

Hello Shane and RSBandb group, Choto 3000 from Clan Quest here.

This week we saw the release of the event "Attack of the ombie sprouts".

I've been complaining about events for quite a while, in the way that now it's almost always just for the xp gains. Years ago, events were special moments for the community to play together and earn items and/or emotes.

I see this event like a incredible stupid way to gain some Herblore or Farming xp, with no story behind it, and no sense at all. It's just a Runescape parody to the game "Plants vs Zombies".

What do you think about it? Were past events better than they are now? And which was your favourite one?

Thanks and have a good weekend

Question from Trekkie

It is the beginning of the new calendar year. You are the CEO of jagex, and just received the report on how much profit you have made the past year.

As the CEO, where do you want to lead Jagex to for the next few years. Where would you like to in vision Jagex in 2020 under your leadership?

Do you create a new game, a new product, expand runescape?

Question from Wolffi

Are you going to join the short story competition? What is the spookiest NPC?

~ Wolffi

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